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Details of Safe Mercury Removal

in San José, Costa Rica
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Your Safe Mercury Removal procedure will be done in San José’s most modern Holistic Dental Center. You can expect the highest standard of quality and care. You will have expert attention, perfect safe mercury removal, and the most beautiful, natural smile possible.

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Safe mercury removal is done in a very special holistic way at Premier Holistic Dental. We pay close attention to details of mercury removal, using holistic methods to enhance your whole body using your own healing properties. We first check the mouth for any conditions that can cause gum disease or teeth problems, then we use specialized Holistic techniques to give you the best mercury removal procedure possible.

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We specialize in a wide range of Holistic procedures in addition to safe mercury removal, we offer ozone therapy, Huggins-Grube Protocol, Smart IAOMT protocol, PRP/Plasma procedures, cavitations and Digital Smile Design (DSD). We always use advanced technologies to give best results and speed healing with minimal discomfort.

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We view safe removal of old silver fillings as very important because toxic mercury materials are bad for your health. An important part of our dental practice is to remove old, dangerous dental fillings and replace them with modern biologically compatible materials.

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Holistic procedures are designed to give you comfort and convenience along with easy recovery for the whole body. The safe removal of old silver fillings that can release mercury vapors into the body are an important part of protecting your health. So, get the world’s best Holistic safe mercury removal at Costa Rica’s famous low prices. Enjoy your visit with us!

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